Easter Sunday


what a miserable day we have outside getting colder in doors as the minutes tick by with nothing planed now the sunshine has disappeared again.

hoping to visit my youngest grandsons today and will see the bigger ones as well when they have stopped hunting the Easter eggs in Aunty Amanda’s  wet garden bless them they love getting mucky. later today its catch up time with the iron and hoovering then some colouring in planned have to make a man’s card they are not my favourite type so always struggle. have got a lovely wackycars design in a mini that will go well as they like them but not sure yet what colour to paint the one they had was done in the union jack but will not bother trying to get that right would hate to mess it up. when i have finished i will post a picture for my two followers to see

hope one day i might get some more to follow me but never mind two’s a start


About Debbie's Crafty Corner

to my grandchildren i am know as crazy nanny which is not far wrong. having been married for over 25 years and having 4 wonderful daughters I am proud to be crazy nanny to 4 little boys and 1 little girl with another on the way its going to be busy. I have always loved making cards with my children as they grew up, it was a short step into making handmade cards and Jewellery. To pay for my addiction I work for Nene Valley Community Action as there Community Development Officer It can be hard work sometimes but i enjoy every minute of the work.

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