What more could a Girl want


started the day with normal shopping not to busy so got that done really quick, as i had received a nice postcard yesterday to say me favourite jewellery shop was having a sale on the beads i collect that sorted out the next part of the day. Was not easy for Dave in the wheelchair but we did it and got round the whole town. he kindly dropped me off at colemans for my craft shopping fix came home to make a card and the earring kit that i got from the spotty Potty on Create and Craft can only say Thank you SARAH you are the best well all i need to do know is post the pictures of the card and earring and I will shut up for tonight ImageImage


About Debbie's Crafty Corner

to my grandchildren i am know as crazy nanny which is not far wrong. having been married for over 25 years and having 4 wonderful daughters I am proud to be crazy nanny to 4 little boys and 1 little girl with another on the way its going to be busy. I have always loved making cards with my children as they grew up, it was a short step into making handmade cards and Jewellery. To pay for my addiction I work for Nene Valley Community Action as there Community Development Officer It can be hard work sometimes but i enjoy every minute of the work.

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